God is Cruel, Perverted, Insane and a Mass Murderer April 7, 2007

God is Cruel, Perverted, Insane and a Mass Murderer
(The God of the Fundamentals, that is.)

God is Cruel? Surely not!

Oohhh…wait a minute! Now that I think about it…. there was that incident with Abraham and Issaac…..talk about playing head games! God gives Abraham this kid he’s wanted all his life and THEN he tells Abraham to take the kid out to a rock and make a sacrifice of him! So poor, gullible Abraham, an obedient lamb, takes his terrified child out to where God sent him, and just as old Abe raises the knife, God says, “JUST kidding! Now go find a goat and slit its throat and we’ll call it even.”

Which, of course, brings me to another obvious point. (One PETA would have a field day with, I’m sure.) What IS it with the enjoyment God seems to get from witnessing the dismembering and killing of animals? Like that that deal with Noah. God gets pissed off at his creation because they’re not playing the game by His rules, drowns everything not on the ark, (including animals who, I assume, aren’t capable of sin) and then takes his ball and goes home. Of course, he did save two of each species, but then, he had to have enough left over to kill next time he started feeling antsy.

Don’t take my word for it—hell, that’s my point! Look up the passages yourself. And in the interest of saving bandwidth these are just a few of the mentions of animal sacrifice.
Genesis 8:20. Numbers 7:88. Deuteronomy 16:2. 2 Chronicles 29:33. Psalm 66:15.

Psychologists have known for years now that cruelty to animals is one indicator of future tendencies toward seriously twisted behavior. Many serial killers tortured and killed animals when they were young because it made them feel good.

Since it’s Easter, and we’re talking about cruelty, think for a minute about God’s treatment of his own son. Well! Would YOU allow your kid to be tortured to death if there was anything you could do to stop it? Even if you knew the kid was guilty of heinous crimes? (Which Christ was not according to Pilate.) And especially if you knew you had the power to stop your child from committing any further harm upon anyone in the future?
“Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?” (My God, my God, why have you forsaken me!?)
Mark 15:24

Cruelty. Without a doubt.

God is Perverted.

No, didn’t even bother to put a question mark after the subtitle. Sorry. No need.
When we go to Judges 21:20-23, we see the issue of rape (or at least sexual liberty taken with a woman without her choice in the matter.)

They told the men of Benjamin who still needed wives, “Go and hide in the vineyards. When the women of Shiloh come out for their dances, rush out from the vineyards, and each of you can take one of them home to be your wife! And when their fathers and brothers come to us in protest, we will tell them, ‘Please be understanding. Let them have your daughters, for we didn’t find enough wives for them when we destroyed Jabesh-gilead. And you are not guilty of breaking the vow since you did not give your daughters in marriage to them.'” So the men of Benjamin did as they were told. They kidnapped the women who took part in the celebration and carried them off to the land of their own inheritance. Then they rebuilt their towns and lived in them. So the assembly of Israel departed by tribes and families, and they returned to their own homes.

Now check out this one found in Deuteronomy 20:10-14

As you approach a town to attack it, first offer its people terms for peace. If they accept your terms and open the gates to you, then all the people inside will serve you in forced labor. But if they refuse to make peace and prepare to fight, you must attack the town. When the LORD your God hands it over to you, kill every man in the town. But you may keep for yourselves all the women, children, livestock, and other plunder. You may enjoy the spoils of your enemies that the LORD your God has given you.

Yes, yes, I know….”but GOD didn’t order those actions—those were the actions of human beings,” saith the faithful disciple sitting in the pews.

Whoa! Hold on folks–you can’t have it both ways. Either the Bible is the inerrant word of God (inspired word-for-word by God) or it’s not. I didn’t happen to notice in those passages that God so much as chastised any of those fine, upstanding gentlemen for their behavior. In fact, check out this little portion of 2 Samuel 12:11-14 where GOD says, “’I will bring evil upon you out of your own house. I will take your wives while you live to see it, and will give them to your neighbor. He shall lie with your wives in broad daylight. You have done this deed in secret, but I will bring it about in the presence of all Israel, and with the sun looking down.’

Rape. Kidnapping. Intercourse without the female’s consent. Call it what you want—it’s perverted. And your God sanctioned it.

God is a Mass Murderer

More murders have been committed in the holy name of God than for any other reason. (Well, children do tend to emulate their parents, so I guess that’s not too surprising.) God has variously commanded death to those who believe differently, (Exodus 22:19) those who have sex outside of marriage, (Leviticus 20:10/Leviticus 21:9) those who work on the Sabbath, (Exodus 31:12-15) homosexuals, (Romans 1:24-32) people who curse their parents, (Leviticus 20:9) and children who make fun of men who require Rogaine. (2 Kings 2:23-24) And that’s just for starters.

In Deuteronomy 13:12-18 we find, “Suppose you hear in one of the towns the LORD your God is giving you that some worthless rabble among you have led their fellow citizens astray by encouraging them to worship foreign gods. In such cases, you must examine the facts carefully. If you find it is true and can prove that such a detestable act has occurred among you, you must attack that town and completely destroy all its inhabitants, as well as all the livestock. Then you must pile all the plunder in the middle of the street and burn it. Put the entire town to the torch as a burnt offering to the LORD your God. That town must remain a ruin forever; it may never be rebuilt. Keep none of the plunder that has been set apart for destruction. Then the LORD will turn from his fierce anger and be merciful to you. He will have compassion on you and make you a great nation, just as he solemnly promised your ancestors. “The LORD your God will be merciful only if you obey him and keep all the commands I am giving you today, doing what is pleasing to him.”

And in 2 Chronicles 15: 12-13 it is written: They entered into a covenant to seek the Lord, the God of their fathers, with all their heart and soul; and everyone who would not seek the Lord, the God of Israel, was to be put to death, whether small or great, whether man or woman.

The bible is replete with histories of holy wars—some of which continue till today.
And though I’ve no doubt many who might read this are already well aware of the following chilling scenario, I’ve met too many who simply are not. Thus, I feel it necessary to make my point absolutely clear. “Armageddon” is closer today than ever before.

In our age, we have Fundamental Christians, (lead in the US by President Bush the Pious,) who firmly believe that before the end of the world occurs, they will be raptured up into the clouds to be reunited with Jesus in heaven and thus, spared the discomfort of torture, ravenous locusts, plagues and the incineration of large portions of the earth. On the other hand, you have certain right-wing, fundamental Islamics who are brought up believing that those who die while defending God’s edicts will be rewarded with an indescribable paradise which includes more willing virgins than currently live upon our planet. And both these groups are more than willing to bring doom down on the rest of us poor suckers just so they can enjoy their promised rewards!
Hell yeah! Bring it on!!

God is InsaneFinally, God believes he talks with president Bush. Any psychiatrist worth his fee will tell you that hearing voices is a sign of psychosis.

“President Bush said to all of us: ‘I’m driven with a mission from God. God would tell me, “George, go and fight those terrorists in Afghanistan.” And I did, and then God would tell me, “George, go and end the tyranny in Iraq …” And I did. And now, again, I feel God’s words coming to me, “Go get the Palestinians their state and get the Israelis their security, and get peace in the Middle East.” And by God I’m gonna do it.'”

Bush believes he was called by God to lead the nation at this time, says Commerce Secretary Don Evans, a close friend who talks with Bush every day.

Ohhhhhh…..WHOOPS!…sorry, God—guess I got a bit carried away. That wasn’t your psychosis. That was Dubbayas.
My bad.

In closing for the week, I’d like to remind you that the subtitle of this essay specified that it’s the God of the Fundamentals who’s a freak, OK? I do not personally believe that God-and I am a believer—is perverted, twisted, cruel or otherwise less than perfect in any way. For those of you who somehow haven’t yet caught on, the point I’m making is that the Bible (and many other “religious” texts,) cannot be relied on to reveal what or who God is or how God wishes for us to conduct ourselves if we take its words at literal face value. If value is to be found within those writings—and I personally believe that there is—one must step back and begin to think anew on the subject. (And no, sorry….trying to explain to me that most of my references are found within the Old Testament and that Jesus changed all of that isn’t going to work either. Check back next time for the Easter Sunday sermon entitled: Jesus was a Liar!

Peace, understanding and truth,
Reverend Thom

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65 Comments on “God is Cruel, Perverted, Insane and a Mass Murderer April 7, 2007”

  1. Jay B. Redstone Says:

    I think that God IS cruel and he is all the thing you said though didn’t mean, because you were trying to make a point.

    First, he puts Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, tell them not to eat from the tree of knowledge while he know perfectly well that, with the help of the serpent which He sent, they’re GOING to eat from that tree, because he didn’t give them stronger will power. THEN HE PUNISHES ALL OF MANKIND for the sins of two people. That IS cruel!! CRUEL is the only thing you can call it!! It just gets “better” from there on. Let’s talk about all the pain and suffering that children suffer from diseases because God didn’t tell us about nutrition which, I know, would keep us a hell-of-a-lot healthier. He never told us not to process or fry foods which, we know, not only destroys nutrients, but even adds a very unhealthy element to the food. He sends people like Hitler, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Mao Tze Tung, Stalin, Caligula, and Nero who throws His faithful Christians to the lions. How many were there? Oh such “love” He has for his creations – NOT!!! Worst of all, we’re forced to be born ignorant so that we get screwed up by a screwed-up society. Some become criminals like Jeffry Dahmer and Charles Manson. Then, of course, there are his “chosen” people. I put the word “chosen” in quotes, because I’m not sure exactly what he chose them for. Did he choose them to be tortured by historical events such as the Spanish Inquisition, Pogroms and the Holocaust? Last, but not least. He created Satan. Yes he did. Since He’s God, he must have known that his Prince Satan was going to rebel and cause so much misery in the world. Maybe they’re one and the same. Maybe he’s bipolar. He certainly isn’t LOVE!!!

  2. Jay B. Redstone Says:

    I think that God IS cruel and he is all the thing you said though didn’t mean, because you were trying to make a point.

    First, he puts Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, tells them not to eat from the tree of knowledge while He knows perfectly well that, with the help of the serpent which He sent, they’re GOING to eat from that tree, since he didn’t give them stronger will power. THEN HE PUNISHES ALL OF MANKIND for the sins of two people. That IS cruel!! CRUEL is the only thing you can call it!! It just gets “better” from there on. Let’s talk about all the pain and suffering that children suffer from diseases because God didn’t tell us about nutrition which, I know, would keep us a hell-of-a-lot healthier. He never told us not to process or fry foods which, we know, not only destroys nutrients, but even adds a very unhealthy element to the food. He never told us not to use tobacco which he created – what what, I’ll never know. He sends people like Hitler, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Mao Tze Tung, Stalin, Caligula, and Nero who throws His faithful Christians to the lions. How many were? Oh such “love” He has for his creations – NOT!!! Worst of all, we’re forced to be born ignorant so that we get screwed up by an ignorant, screwed-up society. Some become criminals like Jeffry Dahmer and Charles Manson. Then, of course, there are his “chosen” people. I put the word “chosen” in quotes, because I’m not sure exactly what he chose them for. Did he choose them to be tortured by historical events such as the Spanish Inquisition, Pogroms and the Holocaust? Last, but not least. He created Satan. Yes he did. Since He’s God, he must have known that his Prince Satan was going to rebel and cause so much misery in the world. Maybe they’re one and the same. Maybe he’s bipolar. He certainly isn’t LOVE!!!

  3. worldunitedministries Says:

    Hi Jay,

    You echo my exact sentiments 10 years ago while still recovering from the abuses of fundamental christianity. (And abuse is far from too strong a word when it comes to the “programming” instilled in many innocent individuals from far to early an age.) In fact, I can recall saying that if there IS a god, he’s schizophrenic!

    While I do not claim to have all the answers to all the big questions, I can tell you that once I was suffieciently far enough removed from such brainwashing, I began to be able to think “outside the box of fundamentalism.” I have since found answers to some of the most difficult of my questions–or at least those that work for me and do not raise more questions than they answer. And BTW, NONE of those were found within the tenets of any one religion.

    Today, I do believe in a Source from which we all come, but it is a much different than the mainstream belief system of most people. If you are likewise inclined to find such answers yourself, I can best encourage you by telling you to trust in yourself to be able to seek out and find those answers without the aid of established religions or their purveyors. We each have, within us, all the answers to all the questions. We need only locate them.

    Thanks for taking the time to write!
    Rev Jesse

    “I don’t care what you believe…..never did.”
    Your friend,

  4. Dear Rev. Jesse: Like you, I no longer frequent fundamentalist circles. I have found spiritual peace with the Eastern Symbol and Sound “OM”. The Sacred Syllable OM is seen by eastern mystics as a means to an end, and by meditating on “OM”, we achieve a state of liberation from material bondage – ignorance, hunger, thirst, desire, and all sorts of afflictions innate and related to our mortal condition. The path of liberation is not easy, but I believe it is a real path. I do not believe in a God who sits in Heaven on a throne and who spoke the Bible and who annihilated all of the planet’s life except two of every species during the flood…no, no, no. Rather, for me, “God” is simply an experience of liberation and freedom from suffering. So, when we listen to beautiful music or are with special friends and feel that inner joy, that for me is “God”. Monotheism has come too close to destroying the world through false literal readings of scripture. Regards, Keith

  5. Soldout4Jesus Says:

    …lol a lot of what you wrote was deliberately taken out of context in oder for you to convieniently perpetuate your claims that God is cruel perverted etc. God is actually quite the contrary. He is a Just God and he can not ignore sin. He loves us so much that he sent his only son to die in our place for our sin. For the wages of sin is death but if you recieve God’s gift, his son’s sacrifice, you will be saved from death.
    God gives us life and he has the right to take it away. simple.
    And i was just laughing at your comments about god’s “cruelty to animals”…
    question for ya.. do you eat beef? or chicken? lamb? game?

    • Megan Says:

      Children, he’s killed children, you idiot! When he said kill all male midianites, do you realize that would include the infants too young to sin? Out of context? No context can justify rape, infanticide, homocide, or genocide. God gives us life, and has a right to take it away? Really now? If so, then could a mother who murdered her children in court say “I gave them life, I have the right to take it away,” life is not a privelige, it’s a right. Any God who knows right from wrong would safe all innocent peoples, and all children, not just the people who bought into a story of a man. Animals can be killed humainly, drowning them, or dismembering them is not humaine. Your God, is the worst God to walk the mind of peoples, no matter what happens or whom ever ends up right in the end, no matter what god is real, I will never forgive your God for being a monstrosity.

    • Rare Hunter Says:


    • Rare Hunter Says:


    • Rare Hunter Says:


      • Rare Hunter Says:

        AND IM TALKING ABOUT Soldout4Jesus THE FAGGET, the article poster on this site is right

    • Mike Says:


      You’re a jackass. Please listen to what is being said. Many just like you find it ok for one human being to crush another as long as his or her power is sufficient in doing so. I can’t help but wonder if it is people just like you that are so deceived, and believe so much in cruelty as a just means of punishment who will be punished beyond all recognition for your ignorance in following a God that didn’t have you in mind. After all, was it not the power of the crowed during the trial of Jesus that provoked his crucifixion? Are they not deceived? Don’t forget that life is but a test. You go figure out the answer. I know for myself I tried, and no matter how much I gave my life to the same worthless god idol that you worship, he didn’t speak just like the false god’s that he condemned back in Deuteronomy. “They do not hear, nor speak, nor taste, nor smell. They are worthless.” So your god is worthless just as the men in this life who struggle with supremacy. I find it sad that while Yeshua (means Joshua not Jesus) of Nazareth was dieing on the cross he said “my god my god why have you forsaken me?” he really believed all his life until that moment that god had his back. What makes you think God is on your side or you on his? Are you FUCKING sure?

  6. worldunitedministries Says:

    Dear Soldout, (Sold out, what, I have to wonder….your own intellectual capabilities?)

    You are absolutely correct in saying I used the bible to perpetrate my claims…..what you seem to have missed is that I do so not to malign God, but to point out the logical fallicies of certain fundamental religious sect’s beliefs.

    However, IF the bible is, in fact, the inerrent word of God, then everything I stated is absolute truth. You can’t have it both ways.

    Personally, I prefer my understanding of God–and I DO believe in a God–to such a narrow, closed-minded interpretation. The interpretations of the fundamentals grossely undestate God’s enormity and place Him (or Her, as you wish since it makes no difference to God) on a par with us–ignorant, passion-ruled, corrupt and oh so very fallible. I like to think that the Creator is at least somewhat better than It’s creation.

    Dare I say: May the Peace that Passes Understanding be your guide?
    Rev. Jesse

    • Ted Says:

      The god of the old testament is immoral and sets a horrible example on how we should treat our children.

  7. Hay Says:

    God violates his own commandments. Thou shal not kill, steal, and commit adultry.

    Obviosuly he killed over 9000 people in one day, he stole their lives and their land, and hes a father, which means he had sex with VIRGIN Mary.


    Apparetnly christianity isnt as peaceful and caring as we thought.

  8. Matt Says:

    hey sold out, so you think just because I eat meat(like other species on this planet) that I condone senseless, animal genocide? In fact how did Noah feed the carnivores on the ark, surly they ate meat. Animals to be eaten for the purpose of food is natural, in moderation. Pointless Complete slaughter of nearly all of the worlds animals in a painful death of drowning is not my friend, it is sick. I am a theist as well, an agnostic one but still a theist.

  9. unknown Says:

    Christians are so big on testimonies when it suites their gratification in confirming their hopeful beliefs so here is a personal testament for you lot to draw the contrast between you Christian people and myself. By the above mentioned scriptures I see more confirmation of the glory and honor that God demands from his “beloved” children just so he can show off himself to the world. Well, God heres one for you that dares to defy your hipocrisy and bullshit. Granted I may not be very intelligent or insightful but fuck what can I do about it seeing as how I, along with perhaps the majority of the world (your children), which was created by your very own retarded mind and hands. Lets see you took the fucking liberty to put me on this decaying planet and place me within your psycotic box and then you always saying how human beings are so fucked up like you should have a problem with that when you were the one to make human beings like that. I have been loyal to your instructions up until I became mature enough to reason that you are so full of puffed up glory hungry bullshit. How am I suppose to overlook the fact that the things that you demand from human beings and call unrighteous are things which are of your own doing or perhaps I’m suppose to submit to the fact that you just do things for your own pleasure. This means that all of the things that is wrong with human beings is indeed wrong with you seeing as how you have made human beings and their nature which you alter as you wish for your own pleasure. Your kingdom is a joke as far as I’m concerned and I’d sooner be the god of my own life that to submit to a creator that doesn’t know how to create and only knows best how to fuck with a person’s life. You should have given up on creating when you botched up the creation of dinosaurs and who knows what the fuck you screwed up before that. I don’t see how others think you are even capable of love when all you present yourself to be is just an asshole who is on a God trip but perhaps you have that right seeing as how you created me but who the fuck gave you the liberty to create me. Did you think that I would be happy about being a “Frankenstein” as you so put it by your constant judgement upon the fact that I am fucked up. Please in that big superior righteous brain of yours could you at least find a train of thought that causes you to reason that you have made me so it was your responsibility to fix me. If you don’t like me then why the fuck did you create me in the first place and who the fuck are you anyway. Where the fuck are you when I’m left with all this shit in my life which by the way you put in it. How the fuck am I suppose to be responsible for all this shit in the world and all the shit inside of me? I did not choose to be created and played with so the fuck with you and your impossible demands and should I stand in awe of the great sacrifice that your son made for me or should I stand to reason that the fucking crucification is nothing compared to the hole of a life you’ve given me. Fuck you God, I will curse your ass till the day I die and spew the vilest crap imaginable where it is true concerning you because that is what you made me to be. You yourself said that I cannot by myself fix myself yet on the other hand your hypocritical fat ass goes on to say that I should abide by your rules. Fuck your rule… what did you think I would do once I reached this reasoning of you. You talk about hope and the new jerusalem but I’m more certain that the new jerusalem would probably be even worse because there your glory hungry ass would be closer to my face and the stench of your hypocrisy would be suffocating me. If your creation and you are so great then why the fuck am i even possible. Its probably easy for you so sit up there in your glorious throne and pass judgement on humanity and angels, etc. but did you forget that you made them and are you trying to shift the responsibility on them so that you don’t have to look like a jackass which you already look like anyway? God, do you have a father or are you a bastard that doesn’t know how to be a father because you never had a father? Nice job with your son by the way, you taught him well on how to bend over and take it up the ass and be submissive about it. Too bad I don’t share his sentiments… must be the fact that I was created inferior but somehow even with the little i have i still see you for the heartless bastard glory hungry fucker that you are. You took the liberty to create me so please at least afford me your decency in making me ceise to your existence. As usual, I am just ranting away because you don’t have any fucking concern the gutter trash you create but at least I can say I never submitted to being this freak that you created and shoved down my consciousness to choke on. From gheina to the abyss and eternally hating you, I release.

  10. worldunitedministries Says:

    Hi Nix,

    When viewed from the fundamental christian perspective, your views are certainly justified. You’re rage at an impotent god sounds very like mine some years ago.

    Perhaps…just perhaps…God is bigger than what the fundamentalists make It out to be…..this is what I’ve come to believe. And I can tell you that when viewed from a much larger perspective, God makes a lot more sense and has a lot more concern and mercy than the one you obviously had shoved down your throat.

    Forget what the church taught you. Forget ALL of it. And when your rage has abated somewhat, try to leave your mind open to a bigger picture and the idea that there’s so much more to the Universe than what you were ever taught.

    Mull this one over: “In God I live and move and have my being.”
    This is a statement of absolute truth…only one misunderstood for too long.

    I’m here if you want to chat or write.
    Rev. Jesse

  11. unknown Says:

    Hi Rev. Jesse,

    Thank you for responding. I still do however, do not see the sense of christianity fundamental or not.

    Firstly, I would just like to clear up that this is not coming just from a fundamental christian perspective but also from a biblical perspective since a lot of my views also challenge christians as yourself that claim to be non-fundamental. The fact that you are bible-based afterall illustrates that you believe in biblical scriptures as those which have been presented above to which you have not as yet disproven the justness in the claims of cruelty, insanity, etc. that were made using those scriptures as proof (And these are the very scriptures that you claim to believe by being bible-based). You are a Reverend afterall which means you’re propogating the knowledge of the bible that undergoes human modification so that it can cater for the minds of the public. Are you going to tell me that you do not preach the bible in order that other people should believe it? Aside, from all of the hypocrisy that exists in the church, i feel that the very concept of the christian god is flawed. Either the god exists and does not know how to take care of his subjects or the god does not exist and people are using the bible to propogate false hope in a dire world to bring in sheep for the churches to grow and enrich the ones that control the churches. See, this is not coming just a fundamental/churchianity perspective but also a general christianity perspective. I know many people who have broken away from churches but are still carrying the same gospel out to the world and propogating it with their inner beliefs. As long as you believe in the bible as being the word of god then that must mean that you beleieve in all that the bible has to say about god and humanity and therein is the problem. I always have to ask the question: “How much does human beings have to modify the bible so that it can become devine enough?” Are you going to deny that the bible undergoes modification by human minds? How many different versions of the bible are there now and of which do YOU CHOOSE to believe? Are you going to provide proof that the claims made against god are as you say false? Why was Christ forsaken when apparently he did his father’s will… there lies more cruelty I think.

    … (to be continued)

  12. worldunitedministries Says:

    Hi Nix,

    Actually, I don’t believe in or preach the bible–or any other “sacred text.” I have studied them–and continue to so so–because I have a life-long interest in them as valuable guides toward a deeper understanding of human history. If you read more of the “sermons” on the website, you will see that I am, in fact, anti-religious. As for being an ordained minister–that’s a sardonic bit of inside humor. I had my cat ordained before I did so myself. (Though given the years of study I’ve put in, I’m probably at least as qualified to claim that particular degree as anyone else in the position.)

    That is not to say that I believe all churches should be burned to the ground. Religion can be a useful means of giving meaning, understanding and peace to those people ( sheeple ) who either cannot or will not think for themselves. It also gives them assurance of an afterlife (when they can’t face the possibility of non-existance after life) and some valuable moral teaching as well.

    I would be the last to argue with you, however, that religion has caused as many problems as it has solved. I believe it has caused more problems than just about any other instution man has yet created. The prototypical double-sided sword.

    What I “believe” is that we are each capable of searching for and finding understanding, peace and meaning for ourselves. I also believe that we are far enough evolved to identify, understand and willingly cooperate with those rules of behavior that best insure the survival of our species and the highest good of our planet. Finally, I believe that we are capable of apprehending God (by whatever name you choose to call It) in a way that is useful and can give peace and a few answers without the assistance of a church, pastor, rabbi or sacred book. Note that I said I believe we can APPREHEND God..not comprehend. Full comprehension is, I’m pretty sure, impossible for such finite minds as ours and parallel to the idea that an atom of hydrogen in the deep of the sea can fully comprehend the ocean.

    During my 30 year quest, I believe I have found answers to a few of those difficult questions–a solution to the riddle of Occam’s Razor that has troubled human beings since we evolved far enough to think critically. Strangely, those same little lightbulbs that went off in my head have turned out, in hindsight, to be very consistant with both science and the best thinking of scholors and philosophers MUCH greater than me. (Even I’m not egotistical enough to claim to be a peer of someone like Socrates. 😉 Also, when “god” is understood from this specific perspective, “holy” or scriptural references not only take on a whole new meaning, but are often very consistant with it as well. (Which to me shows man’s evolution in action.)

    And so….you’ll forgive me, I hope, if I put the old saying to good use: “Seek and ye shall find.”

    I’m enjoying our conversations. Please feel free to write again anytime. If I’ve learned nothing else, I have learned that anybody can learn from anybody else. Perhaps our conversations can help me further refine my understanding.

    True Peace Be Yours,
    Jesse Ranee Decker

  13. mica Says:

    god can do anything he pleases…whether he murders us or tortures us…being his own boss, he doesn’t answer to anyone but himself…so what can we do?nothing!

    • unknown Says:

      you can do something, reject him, refuse to bow down to a hypocritical being that is cruel and will one day kill you anyway, if he tortures and murders people just because he can, why do you think he would give you a happy afterlife?

  14. Jeremy Says:

    Let’s not forget 1 Samuel 15:2-3, where the LORD ordered his chosen people, the Israelites to murder a whole tribe of people, including all of the children and newborn babies. Clearly, our Creator is not the God of the bible, and not to be feared. Our True Creator loves children. They are sacred to Him and so are animals.

    • ken hood Says:

      there is a possibility however slight that god knows more about genetics than us geniuses .fact is , some people are born rotten and it would be a mercy to them and everybody else if they ceased to exist at birth .we are informed that eg the canaanite aboriginals were dead set depraved (sacred prostitution , bestiality etc ) diseased and merciless and god warned the jews that if they let them live they would corrupt them and he would have to kick them out too . time proved him right.

      • Megan Says:

        You do realize that you just decided some people are born rotten without the word of your god to guide you, or use of logic? You just assumed so. Those people, if were born rotten, were made rotten by your god, if he made them, then he made them that way. So the penance for their wickedness should fall on his head, not theirs. They also didn’t get a fair chance, either, you can say I’m bloody evil all you want, but according to the Bible, i have free will, so I could, or they could have, chosen to do great things, despite the wickedness with which God said that they were. I mean, if God tells me that my first child will be born evil, and to kill her, I would tell him to stuff it. You can’t call someone evil and not give them a chance. Yes, time proved that the decision he had already made to kick them out would be fulfilled. It’s infuriating that you ignored all the horrible things God did as listed in the article, and decided that he just knew something that made it alright to kill innocents. Argue your best, believe your God, perhaps he is real, perhaps he is right, but killing newborn children will never be right. Have you ever considered that there is no way to justify killing someone who hasn’t done anything yet? God gave man free will, so assuming that these people were evil, he still could not say that they would do evil things, because he gave them the free will to decide how their lives would end up, unless he forced them to commit the acts he would condemn them for, he couldn’t be 100% certain that they would commit those crimes. To be honest, I hate very few people on this planet, but you, you who is merely a stranger, I hate. I hate anyone who can put another being before the lives of innocent children, without any cause.

  15. frank bradsteen Says:

    i dont belive in religion by the way if noah had to collect 2 of every animal it would have taken forever. plus he would of had to have food for all of them and they would have shit all over the place.also they say god sent down a delusion i think evil sent down the delusion and it is god and the bible. saten decived the entire world well the bible is called the GREATest story ever told GREAT satan.somthing to think about if you believe this stuff.anyway i hate aliens for what its worth. god and satan could be aliens from another planet. in cahoots with each other. there not to much different from each other

  16. frank bradsteen Says:

    one more thought god and the devil good minus o is god evil ad a d and you have devil. could be nothing more than the primative part of the brain and the more advanced part of the brain.battling each other of course over time who will win. will the primatve part of the brain take back over or will the advanced part keep evolving. or are aliens trying to brainwash all of us with advanced technology.if aliens exist imagine what they could do with mind control technology. p.s. i think the movie the secret life of bees is about alien hybrids. its just me frank on the lunatic fringe.

  17. frank bradsteen Says:

    one more thing im sorry im hogging the board. oh well. nothing in the ten commandments about hurting children. but according to people satan says never hurt a child. so who is the asshole.thats the key word all this is written by people. outside influences are debateable. is it us or is it what they want? will we ever know?what or who is they or them. this question has caused all kinds of death and problems.

  18. Bigsky007 Says:

    Since Adam, man has used God to justify mass rape, slaughter of men, women and children, enslavement, covetousness, etc. In this connection, the holocaust was a good excuse for Christians, up to their necks in prejudice and anti-Semitism, to force the Jews out of Europe and upon the Arabs. Those forced out were heavily armed and given money galore even up to this day. This was to make sure that the ethnic cleansing of Europe became a fact. But really, can you go back to a plot of land you, illegally occupied centuries ago, displacing, bulldozing, shooting and murdering folks in order to get it back? This is 2009 and here, we have Christians using murder and mayhem ad nauseam to force an archaic land grabbing notion down the throats of Arabs/Muslims. Nowhere else on earth is this type of behavior acceptable. The Jews had every right, which should have been enforced and should have rightly been the real topic of the Balfour Declaration, to live in peace where they were, in Europe. The Balfour Declaration, dripping in bias, anti-Semitism and blood, was a convenient out for Christians but, for Arabs/Muslims, it transferred the holocaust from Europe to Palestine, with the Palestinians as the new victims. If God is behind all this evil murderous mess, as many Christians assert, then what is Satan’s purpose? Who needs him? Furthermore, the Arabs/ Palestinians never signed on to the Balfour Declaration. Accordingly, how can you force a people into a contract to which they are not willing signatories?
    That archaic notion cited above, has and is leading to the most innocent of people being blown to bits anywhere and everywhere on earth. That devilish notion is so repugnant for this day and age that folks are being radicalized to the point of becoming suicide bombers. Anyone can see that it is due to our attachment to this archaic notion that the Twin Towers don’t exist anymore. When we see Israeli’s using USA provided resources to obliterate the homes of Muslims, do we ask ourselves what’s going to become of the parents and kids, who lived therein? And, is this really the will of God, who is love inestimable, at work? Recall, we told the USSR that if Cuba fired a missile at us, we were going after them, the suppliers. Why are we perplexed then, that those radicalized by Israel dare to respond as we did and would do today?
    I think it’s high time that Christians come to grips with a healthy dose of reality with respect to how they view the Holy Land. One of the Commandments states that one should not covet. Yet, if we are to believe the Bible, the Holy Land came into being through wholesale violations of virtually every one of the Commandments and many of the laws which followed. For example, supposedly, the God, that we serve, on one occasion, directed Jewish males to kidnap and violate the womanhood of females in order to see if they were virgins. Those that were not virgins were slaughtered. So much for sanctity of the family and family values, right, in this are we saying that God would destroy His own sacred building blocks of marriage and family? Would God destroy God? God help us!!! To continue, those that were virgins (men foraging under women’s clothing?) could be spared and used by the males for their own lascivious purposes. Isn’t this mass rape? Off hand, I can’t think of any god of mythology, which directed any such dastardly deeds to be carried out against such masses of people. Remember, God, we are told, doesn’t change. Folks, this is the same God, who gave us the Golden Rule and the greatest commandment. Isn’t He?
    Being God and omniscient, would a holy place be one where there is a never ending flow of blood, guts and gore? Wouldn’t such a place be a stench in a truly holy God’s nostrils? Furthermore, would you set up an eternal bloody and murderous rivalry between your children? Why, then, do we believe that God would do such a devilish thing to children, whom He created and “so loved”? Remember, Jesus said that if we being evil know how to care for our children, how much more so does God? Folks, we need to come in out of the darkness and into the light of today’s reality and civilization. I suggest that, unless we get off of that horse that we are own we are going to ride it straight into the fiery pit of eternal damnation, country and all.
    Finally, what if your children went out and committed all sorts of evil as depicted in the scriptures and then left notes and diaries stating that you aided and abetted, directed and encouraged and paid them off for the things that they did? You know, God must be really sore that we continue to blindly attribute such murderous deeds to Him. I would be. Wouldn’t you? And we are evil; whereas, He is not. Whether past or present, let’s stop blaming Him for man’s gross and lurid transgressions. The position that Christians are holding is untenable and doesn’t stand the test of even casual scrutiny. That’s why its demise in on the horizon and it will surly follow the dinosaurs.

  19. larry moe curly Says:

    god jesus and satan are the original 3 stooges

  20. aspentroll.myid.net Says:

    I am really amazed at some of the fundy comments here.
    How grown up people can be so gullible makes me wonder if they should be allowed to vote.

    The USA is in trouble economically and one of the only
    nations left that is so sold on the myth of Christianity. Most other countries of the world have long ago said good bye to this form of irrational thinking. Thousands of gods before this one have failed to convince people of reason to continue to
    doggedly follow a mythical entity who never really does anything. When will reason take hold?

  21. god Says:

    hi its me god what a charactor i am murder burnt offerings having moses stone pepole to death. if i didnt know better i would think im just a character made up in a fictional book by man

    • Ted Says:

      There are quite a few non historical nonsense in the bible. The dialogs are certainly made up by man. The chances are that most of the stories described in the contradictory book are made up by ignorant people from myth based societies with a wild imagination.

  22. Johnzo Says:

    You are awesome, Reverend Thom. God is real, but the bible is only interesting historically. The God presented by most christian churches is psychotic, no matter how they want to dress him up.

  23. tony won Says:

    GOD DAMN GOD! He is a tormentor, unkind, unforgiving, hypocrite, liar, intolerant authoritarian mass murderer who will return in 2012 as Nibiru transits our solar system and brings death and destruction by pulling meteors, comets and asteroids from the Ort Cloud, Van Allen Asteroid Belt, and Kuiper Asteroid Belt and flinging them towards Earth. He is the head of the Annunaki civilization on Nibiru and Lucifer is the one who challenged his rule and was kicked out and left on Earth and has been ruling Earth ever since.

  24. Joeyboy Says:

    ….and dont forget the Holocaust….some fundamentalists actually believe that God ordained the Holocaust, to fufull prophecy. So German soldiers bashing kids brains out against ghetto walls was another one of Gods fun pastimes….and, when u read the bible and all the previous crap God boy did, it fits in line with it.

  25. mike w Says:

    Great article! One error- when God went psycho and drowned the whole world you said, “because we broke the rules”, there where no rules till that sap Moses went up that non-existent mountain to get the 10 really, really good rules from Yahweh the destroyer. So God murdered the entire population of the planet without telling us why.

  26. Pat Says:

    I searched the words “God is cruel” on google because that’s how I feel today and I wanted to see if I was alone. I kinda knew I wasn’t.

    I’m not even sure there is a god anymore. I was a Pagan as a young man and then I got saved and became a Christian. Then logic and life started to reeeeally get in the way of my Christian theology and faith stopped making sense. The Bible not only contradicts itself, it contradicts common decency. So do the Quaran and the Torah. All religions have massive continuity and logic problems. I no longer believe any of them. If there is a God, I’ll bet It is none of the above and above all of our best guesses. But the god of the Bible (the MALES who wrote it) is cruel.

    • mrd Says:


  27. leslie Says:

    god is the annunkis worshipped by the sumerians

  28. mrd Says:

    You know it really is amazing just reading the first thirty pages of the Bible ~ The Greatest Lie Ever Told .

    First the big guy comes down and puts in a solid 6 days for us , thank you , and one day for rest seems like a decent enough fellow .

    Well poor Adam is lonely and eventually God Or as I shall refer to him from this point as Dog places Adam into a deep sleep and takes one of his ribs to create man’s helper ~ dear Dog thank you for introducing servitude to the world , we would have never been able to come up with it on our own .

    Well one day Adams new little tighty meets the Devil and he chats her up quite nicely , like a modern day nite club setting , satan is very charming it would appear . Anyway they eat the stuff and are suddenly enlightened, Dog comes down asks them what the heck they just did . Well hang on here Dog is all knowing so he new well in advance that Adam & Eve would sin , he set them up , it was a the world’s first sting operation , thank you once again Dog , where the heck would we be without ya .

    Well you know our boy Adam now knows what that little bit of flesh dangling is a multi purpose tool you can use it to go to the bathroom or if she tightens up on ya it’ll feel so happy up the little wifes **** and than bam it’ll spit rite in your eye if your not careful . Now Dog told Adam to only pump the Mrs. to have children , but Adam found that he continually had a back up in the system and eventually had to take matters into his own hands .

    Well wifey kicks out a couple of off spring for our boy an he is one proud pappa . One of the boys grows up to be a gardener the other one raising livestock , but the kids never did see eye to eye so one sunny afternoon Cain takes a rock and obliterates his brothers head by smashing it in . Now Dog is pissed and down he comes ~ “what have you done to your brother” , to which Caine responds ~ “hey I’m not his keeper” , and on and on , anyway Dog throws Caine out of his homeland as a result of his actions .

    But ya gotta give Caine credit, the guy had moxy , he say’s to Dog ~ “If ya throw me out , I will be killed , hang on a sec I count mom and dad back at the cave , one son in a field somewhere (they didn’t even burry the poor *ucker) , so that makes 3 people , so who the fuck is gonna mess with him . Well no sweat Dog says ~ “bro whom ever shall *uck with you will suffer a fate 7 times that of yours .

    Off goes Caine ~ when we catch up with him next he’s married , has a family , has tremendous wealth , has a tribe of peoples which follow him . Now ya gotta remeber were this guy came from , talk about coming up the hard way ~ your the world’s first murderer , Dog actually catches you in the act , there ain’t another *ucking sole outside of your homeland yet you find a wife and build a small empire , quite resorseful .

    So a little review before we move on , Dog frames his number one guy and straps him with life long sin as a result and then on to every human being that graces the earth will also be born a filthy sinner not even worthy of life , Dog gives us our first slave (my wife is not complying with the Bible , how are you making out in this regard) Dog knowing of a pending murder , keeps silent not letting the parents of the victum know what is going on , then watches the murder take place while having the ability to stop it , in a bit of a stretch I will bring charges against Dog then and today as an accomplice to earth’s first murder . Dog also provides safe passage for the murderer , and lastly here at least ensures that the world’s first murderer lives a long life full of riches and happiness .

    Now way down the road one of Cains decendants is a superstar , his name was Abraham and he was Dog’s stud , his number one guy , far better a man than I could ever be (Dog made me a second class citizen , *uck I hate Dog , how about you) .

    Well one summer Abe and his tribe of merrymen are in danger due to famon , so Abe packs up the lot of them and off to Egypt , not a bad idea . But wait as Abe approaches Egypt he suddenly realizes that his wife is so *ucking hot that the Pharow will kill him and take his wife for himself . No sweat Abe is the smartest man on earth , Dog made him superior to all , and at once he has the solution ~ Abe convinces his wife too pretend that she is actually his sister , that way they will leave him alone .

    The wife agrees , heck woman are just slaves to men as set for by Dog ~ so what the *uck could she really say . Now you might think that Abe and his bitch are sleeping in tents adjacent to one another and every third nite they sneak out to hold each other under the star lit nite? Nope not a chance , the mrs. has moved rite into the Pharrow’s palace , is engaged to be married , and most certainly getting drilled by the Pharrow on an hourly basis .

    As for Abe he’s happier than a pig in shit , he has manservants , femaleservants (his whores to bring him sexual pleasure as sanctioned by Dog) , livestock , gold , and silver .

    Then all of a sudden out of seemingly no were Dog brings a rain of terror upon the Pharrow and his people , so the Pharrow drops to his Knees and asks Dog ~ :Lord what have I done to thee to recieve such harsh punishment at your loving hand (those aren’t the exact words , but I really think it sounds better than what Dog made them rite) . Dog reply’s “mother *ucker you are banging the wife of the chosen one” . The Pharrow is speachless ~ he cries out “I knew not my Lord , foregive my sins” .

    At once the Pharrow summons Abe and chews his ass out good (just a figure of speech here :)and casts he and his merry band from his land . Abe is jacked he gets his wife back , gets to keep all the bling , and within minutes he and the rest are happily on their way all along the way praising the Lord .

    Now I gotta say Abe was a scum bag don’t ya think , he pimped his own wife out for material gain , and it was highly approved by Dog . So now we can trace prostitution to it’s origin , and find it’s inventor if you will , our boy Abe with Dog by his side encouraging him every step of the way .

    Well kids that’s it for this weeks Sunday school session , next week we’ll take a look a Noah , he was a drunk who regularily practised incest within his family , but according to Dog was still a stand up kind of a guy . Well Dog tells Noah ~ “Bro I’m gomnna flood everyones sorry ass rite out , build a boat , gather the animals one by one and two of each , and hunker down till the rains stop” .

    Noah asks Dog ~ “hey boss how big should I make the boat” . Dog tells him 3 cubits , the highest mountain Dog says is 15 cubits . Noah say’s “Bro where the *uck am i gonna find enough man power and lumber to build a boat that large (Based on thesespecifices the ark was approximately 150 – 200 football fields in length)” . Dog then told Noah ~ “build the boat with planks and tar and you and the boys can handle the work load no problemo dude” .

    There just ain’t enough weed on the face of the earth for anyone to believe this type of bullshit (I mean outside of the Catholics that is) . Dream weaver – can you see the morning lite .

    You came from evolution , you are one of a million species on this planet , you are not devine , you do not have a devine creator , you will not live in eternity , you will die and the magots will eat your sorry *other *ucking *as .

    There are only 10 words in total which ring true in the good book , and they are “from dirt you came and to dirt you will return” , everything else in the book is really just a poorly written fantasy and undoubtedly written by some sort of mentally deranged individual (hey maybe Dog does exist) .

  29. Amanda Says:

    It’s true, god is indeed An irevocable Faggot. I mean, HE SAID CHILDREN WHO DISOBEY THERE PARENTS RHEY WILL BE STONED TO DEATH

  30. David Says:

    If is very difficult for me to understand how human beings can subscibe to such human concocted delusional nonsense as religion. To spend any time, other than possibly appreciating the historical aspect of religion, I cannot comprehend why people waste their lives being involved with religion. I am not an atheist because I believe they are as extreme and ridiculous with their views as the next religuous nutcase. If there is a creator, people have no knowledge of it. Texts written by scientifically ignorant people thousands of years ago are not a reliable source of information. Humans have no idea why we exist, how we arrived on this planet, or where we go after we die. I cannot stand the words faith and blessed because they are delusional at best. To say that “God” is loving or whatever else is based on delusion. The universe is a mystery and probably will remain that way unless humans see otherwise. If a gigantic head peaks through the clouds one day and says “David, you shall believe in me!”, I may change my thinking. Until then, I will continue to believe that religion–all religion–is human concocted delusional, nonsensica thought.

  31. David Says:

    nonsensical rather, lol…In regards to religion, and so much more, humans are the most stupid creatures to ever inhabit this craphole planet. Tell most people enough times that crap does not stink and most will believe it–such is religion.

  32. worldunitedministries Says:

    I have been amazed at the responses this post have garnered over the years. It would seem that emotions are high, both pro and con, on the subjects presented on my (very) humble blog. I thank you all for your time and attention.

    Like all of you, (and in agreement with the latest “David’s” post,) I wonder at humans’ sheepish reliance upon the ideology of the fundamentalist religions. For while many claim to “know in their hearts” that their religion is true, the fact is that there is no objective standard by which to claim knowledge of a god.

    Perhaps….just perhaps…there may be another way to understand this phenomenon of the human desire to comprehend what cannot be seen, heard, tasted, smelled or felt with the natural senses. I direct you to the following page, another of my blogs, in which I describe a SUBJECTIVE experience and the only explanation (I?) have ever come up with that makes some sense of the contradictions found within human descriptions of what some refer to as God or Creator.

    I welcome your thoughts.

    Outside Space and Time

  33. worldunitedministries Says:

    Sorry…the link posted didn’t work. The URL for Outside Space and Time is http://outsidespaceandtime.blogspot.com/2008/07/in-beginning.html

    (Please copy and paste the URL into your browser. Thanks!

    • wonafew Says:

      the god humans have been brainwashed to believe… the god of abraham worshiped by jews, muslims, and christians (and to death do they part in warfare) is a misrepresentation of the space alien race, the annunaki, who return to earth every 3600 years – who gene spliced primates to make humans, whose likeness is formed in ancient art, whose presence caused the creation of unexplainable archeological remnants of the past like the sphinx. the known galaxy contains billions of billions of stars and finally astronomers and cosmologists have discovered planets around “suns” and estimate that there are hundreds of thousands of earth-like planets out there. they also notice that 80% of stars are part of binary systems, where two “suns” revolve around each other. so there is a good chance that our sun is a binary star, and every 3600 years, “nemisis” or the death star around which nibiru, homeworld to the annunakis revolves, returns to our solar system to cause great destruction when it passes too close or especially when its planets cross close to the orbits of our sun’s planets (one such collision between their planets and ancient mars created the asteroid belt between mars and jupiter). the mayan calendar is a space navigation calendar used by the annunaki to predict when their world will transit ours again… on december 21, 2012.

  34. James Says:

    The thing that scares me most is what if there is a God, and he is the God of the Bible? what if there really is a Hell, and all that reject him go there?
    I don’t want to go from something bad to something worse, so I’m choosing to hang on to the better of the two options-believe or not believe.
    Believing seems to be the better even if God is all those things described in this article.

    • worldunitedministries Says:

      But James….my dear. If you’re CHOOSING to believe, do you REALLY believe? And are you, thus, truly saved? Just asking.

      Learn, as I have and continue to learn, that Something that can create infinity out of Itself, cannot possibly be concerned about what we call It or how we worship It. (Or whether, indeed, we worship It at all.) Simply stay open to that idea–meditate on it even (perhaps laying on the grass on a starry night) and the truth will come to you if you are ready for it.

      • James Says:

        Yes, I truly believe. I’ve been believing in God my whole life, but there came a point where I had to figure out why. So, I started reading the Bible, and then, there was the book of Romans which made me realize that the world and the universe was some diabolical plan created by someone with all this power and no one to show it off too. So, this someone created the world with all its troubles to do that very thing.
        The question posed still remains-what if it’s true? What if rejection of this someone results in the placement of our souls into something far worse than this rotten world we live in? What if this someone is saying just to humor him for this very short existence then have all that this incredible place called Heaven has to offer?
        If there is a God I’m not sure I want to risk it. If there is no God, then the prospect of nothingness after this scares me much!
        And, thanks for replying! You’re the coolest!

  35. Josh Says:

    I agree with Megan. Innocent children being killed. Does’nt surprise me. We live in a universe that loves to murder children. There is no excuse for killing children who are younger than teenagers for any reason at all. This includes in the mothers womb, with the exception of health issues for the mother. Megan is right on the money. You cannot argue with the truth she writes. The older i get, the more I realize that God is actually more proud than Satan. I believe in God 110 percent, however, the history of the universe is very disturbing to me. I do believe Jesus died for me. For someone to be tortured to death for another living being is not something to be taken lightly. This, in my opinion, does show love that God has for us. Truth says God made the ultimate sacrifice. Still, this does not justify all of these living beings perishing. There could have been another way. i am sorry if I have offended anyone. I just feel badly about all of the death. I will never understand, atleast in this life. Do I contradict myself? maybe so. I don’t know.

  36. Michael Says:

    Intersting discussion on a heart-felt subject. If the god of the bible is real, does our denying him because we disagree with him cause us to win? If he’s real, then cussing at him isn’t really much of a solution. If he’s not, then there is no “god” to throw our anger at, just men and women fron antiquity that came up with stories that gave their world meaning and shape.

    If there is a god other than the god of the bible, shouldn’t we be just as angry at him? All the things that we see as injust in this world would still be within his ability to correct, yet he doesn’t.

    I’m not sure what my oppinion is, but I think these are things to consider.

  37. Milla Says:

    God only wants attention. He is spoiled and evil. He even said that the devil will try to convince you that the devil does not exist. He is the devil. He plays with people. This is why man cannot ever understand why god created life. This is why there is war, hunger disease. Oh sure, we can say God is testing us. But that’s only an excuse. It is man who is kind, and good, and God who interferes and makes us confused. We then turn to him and pray, the very pig who did it. This is because he loves the attention. Sure , man steals, man even murders, but… it is because we are exactly like god, but with concious, who try to want a better world… But again the pig interferes. He also conditioned man to attack and call anyone who talks like i just did, and have other humans say: this is evil talking. Trust me, he is the evil and man is good. Again, this is why we cannot ever fix the problems of the world, because God is a pig. A child, and the loose. We fear god, even when we are good, because he has no choices, he just chooses at random. This is why some win lottery’s and some don’t! Its not because they got lucky, no! its that life is random, And god the pig enjoys the game. Its not you who deserves forgiveness, but it is you who should forgive god, the god who cant do anything different but be the way he is. No concious, just random. Yes he does exist, hes real! yes fear him, for he is a child who plays games. There is a loophole, and that is: treat him like a baby, and say okay fine, -although he wont know the difference, but be stupid ,like he is. Losers will always be losers, but he cant be different, for he cant reason, hes simply dumb.

    • blake Says:

      god is anu, ruler of the intelligent race of annunakis giants who visit earth every 3600 years when their planet nibiru that orbits around nemesis (the death star) – a brown infrared dwarf binary complement our our visible u.v. light sun. they gene spliced primates to make early homonids, then on later trips gene spliced early man to make us – homo sapiens, using parts of their dna. that is why man kind is evil being made in god’s image… it’s genetic. they will return on december 21, 2012 (this year!) to collect their gold (that’s why humans always lust for gold – as it has no other material or practical value, except as a super conductor for space craft) that they use in their space craft propulsion systems. the bible speaks of god coming from the heavens and in the final days of the return of jesus christ (the messenger who was son of anu sent as a test tube baby using mary wife of joseph as the surrogate – a miraculous birth at that time) – when her returns to wreak havoc and revenge on mankind, particularly the jews.

  38. Milla Says:

    When I say humas steal, or murder, I am saying that its gods mind who does it, who in turn god turns around and says: it is wrong. We are the good people with the concious, god has no consious, but we are made of god, and those attributed are in us, we just try to fight them off BY BEING GOOD,the good the god stops, who then says: be good and beware! tricky. Love comes from humans not god. God cant even preceive what love is. He is what he is. You cant stop him, you can only accept! this is why most will tell you : surrender and accept. Wake up! After millions of years, we are still trying to explain god and why he does what he does ,without answers but simply by saying he has a plan. Wake up, just accept him but treat him like a baby. He simply cant reason and has no honor. What makes him dangerous, and a fearful god, ls the fact that he cant reason. He has time, he is timeless, and the reason is because he has no mind.

  39. Milla Says:

    You will only attack me because God you are being like god.

  40. Darren Says:

    After reading those comments,ill never judge the branch davivians again.
    It should be remembered,that a predominadly christian goverment,ordered the killings of fellow believers in christ,-the iraquis never stood a chance,.
    The world is nither ruled by God or satan,-but by fear,fear is what keeps things in line,
    I hope thier is a God,because the pain terror betrayal that so many have suffered,in earths history is true horror.
    I lay in bed at night and hear the cows walking along the gantry those last steps to be slaughtered,yes thier moans of terror and fright travel many klms at night,and i lay thier and ponder in frightend silence,are our terrors that we have inflicted on millions over the ages unheard like the cows,if there is no god then suffering or slaughter does not realy matter,
    theres no one to care no body home in eternity,if thier is no god then its a miricale we have made it this far,but as i said only by fear,have we made it.
    Heck we even lied on the plauqe screwed to the side of the voyager probes,i bet those sounds inscribed on that disc have no torture sessions or holochoust footage,on them,my altimate karma bitch would be that if one day a alien silly enought to follow our radio signals,comes here and all they find is that we are thier deliciacy and butcher humanity and deep freeze the lot of us,end of the journey.
    We have a saying in australia such is life,.

  41. L Says:

    God, the Puppetmaster predestined our thoughts, thus our choices. He created the chosen elect and the chosen reprobates. We’re all fucking robots, even the devil He created. Most people will go to the torture chamber for eternity because it pleases God. It doesn’t matter if the elect have told God to fuck off every day and raped his neighbor, or if the reprobate begs God’s forgiveness and seeks Him everday and lives a good life. The results are the same. What kind of sick sadistic mother fucker is that? What’s worse is the poor reprobates will be told that they chose to go to hell when they wake up there after death. The sheep will be told they are in heaven because they chose right but they will never know that some of their family and friends are in hell because God predestined for them to be there, and it was God’s choice and not theirs.. God will never tell them the truth because he’d look even more like the sick mother fucker He is and nobody would want to glorify Him anymore.

  42. derek Says:

    We lived our lives in black.

  43. Weirwolfe Says:

    Rape, murder, violence, greed, disillusionment, pestilence, disease. You want to see hell? Watch the evening news for a week. Count how many murders occur. It will blow your mind. If God can do anything, then why doesn’t it intervine? At least at the most basic level? The Old Testament was written by warlike men and shouldn’t be taken entirely as the Word of God. Damn, I so want to believe but the last couple of years have been really disturbing on an international scale and shit don’t seem to be getting any better.

    • worldunitedministries Says:

      Hello my friend,

      Your post, in particular, touches my heart. If you’d like to chat, please feel free to email me. For me, I find it entirely possible to acknowledge the evil of mankind (and the violence, even, of nature herself) while finding God entirely fair. If I do not hear from you, please do not give up your search. The Universe responds to all earnest and honest inquiry.

      Yours in the search.
      Jesse (aka Rev Thom)

      You wrote: Rape, murder, violence, greed, disillusionment, pestilence, disease. You want to see hell? Watch the evening news for a week. Count how many murders occur. It will blow your mind. If God can do anything, then why doesn’t it intervine? At least at the most basic level? The Old Testament was written by warlike men and shouldn’t be taken entirely as the Word of God. Damn, I so want to believe but the last couple of years have been really disturbing on an international scale and shit don’t seem to be getting any better.

  44. abderrahim Says:

    dear people, since the universe is infinite, then there is no god,
    where would he/she hide?

  45. blake Says:

    no research required… it’s all right there in the bible

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